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Advance Social Media Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Considering the fact that we live in a world which is highly driven by online social media, it seems pretty obvious that marketing companies leave no stone unturned to utilize this platform for their purpose. Marketing on social media is definitely gaining more and more momentum with the passage of time, and at the same time, the demand for social media marketing experts is also rising up. For this reason, at TDMC we have come up with Social Media Marketing Courses in Mumbai.

Popular Social Media platforms you will learn

Common Social Media Platforms

Understanding the benefits of Social Media Marketing

It is important to understand the benefits of Social Media advertising to the marketers before you get enrolled for the course.

Brand Recognition

A company's social media network is a channel of communication with their customers. Social Media is important as it makes the brands to access their existing and new customers and increase brand recognition.

Brand Loyalty

If a brand connect with their customers through social media there are huge chances to increase brand loyalty. Through social media brands can make anouncements, give offers to their customers and keem them engage with their page.

More Conversions

Every post you share on social media gives you chance to convert more customers. Give a chance to your customers to react on your posts and visit your website.

What is Social Media?

In simple words, we can say that it is an online platform that comprises of a set of channels, through which online communication can be carried out. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ are some of the most popular Social Media platforms. Nowadays, social media platforms have turned into a vital part of online socializing, and therefore these online sites are seen as highly potential platforms for marketing.

What is scope of Social Media?

We all know it pretty well that with the passage of time, more and more people are joining the online social media sites. So, the marketing and advertising platform is getting wider. Now, you can be a part of the marketing world by pursuing Social Media Marketing Courses in Mumbai. There are a lot of companies that are including online marketing to their list of services. So, there is a greater need for professionals who are skilled at social media marketing. You can make your career in this field and make some good amount of money in return. The future of social media marketing is quite bright for sure.

Who should join Social Media Course?

Understanding the aspects of social media marketing is not rocket science.

  • Working Professionals: Are you working somewhere and willing to increase your knowledge about Social Media? You are at the right place. Learn Social Media and implement it at your work.
  • Entrepreneurs: Learn social media to promote your business through advanced social media marketing techniques and expand your business networking with your target audience.
  • Students/Graduates: No matter if you are a simple graduate or an MBA, if you are comfortable with the elements of social media sites then you must join social media course.

What can you expect from Social Media Course?

Like we mentioned above, the future related to social media marketing based jobs is quite a bright one. Once you become an expert of social media marketing, there are tons of companies waiting for you to join their marketing team. In addition, you can also work as a freelancer and make unlimited amount of money. So, go for it!

The Social Media Training Course Contains...

Facebook Marketing Module

  • Creating Facebook Pages
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Facebook Campaign Types
  • Setting up PPC Campaigns
  • Targetting Right Audience
  • Facebook In-page Analytics

Twitter Marketing Module

  • Creating Twitter Account
  • Increasing Followers & Follow Others
  • Explore Advance Functions of Twitter
  • Using Hashtag, Retweet, Reply, React, etc.
  • Twitter Mentions

LinkedIn Marketing Module

  • Creating Company Pages
  • Creating LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Ads Guide
  • Creating LinkedIn Campaigns
  • LinkedIN Premium Walkthrough

Pinterest Marketing Module

  • Creating Pinterest Account for Business
  • Creating Boards
  • Posting and Engaging
  • Increasing Pinterest Followers
  • Generate Website Traffic from Pinterest

YouTube Marketing Module

  • Creating YouTube Channel
  • Video Upload Guide with SEO
  • YouTube Paid Advertising
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • YouTube Analytics Walkthrough
  • Monetize through YouTube

Google Plus Marketing Module

  • Creating Google+ Business Pages
  • Increase Google+ Followers
  • Using Google Hangouts
  • Manage Google+ Page Settings
  • Connecting Google+ Account with Other Accounts

Instagram Marketing Module

  • Learn to Setup Instagran Account
  • Learn to Promote Business on Instagram
  • Posting on Instagram to Build Followers
  • Using Instagram from PC

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